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Drywall Repair

working process of installing metal frame for plasterboard

It has become a common sight in the greater San Francisco area for people to use drywall solutions as a cheap and effective indoor walling alternative. This material can be quickly installed and is a lot less messy than brick and mortar walling alternatives. The downside to drywall however is its vulnerability to water damage and impact breakage. This is due to its porous nature. Depending on the size of the damaged area, we can either repair or replace the drywall. Fortunately, we have a range of industry leading repair techniques to ensure you get precisely the solution you need.


Depending on the size of the hole or holes in question, one can usually just patch them if they are not too large. Small and medium holes can be easily patched by our experts. In fact, they are so good at what they do, the patchwork is almost invisible. Should the board in question have too much damage which may threaten the structural integrity, we will have no choice but to replace rather than repair. So give us a call today and our experts will pop round to ensure we provide the perfect solution to your every drywall repair requirements.

Water Damage

The simple truth of the matter is that water and drywall simply do not go together. While not all water damage will require the entire board to be replaced. This assessment will depend mostly on the size and extent of the water damage. Discoloration may indicate that you have a water leak in your drywall. This needs to be attended to before the situation deteriorates. Significant damage that will manifest itself in the form of bulges and crumbling will require the entire panel and maybe more to be replaced. Luckily our experts will know precisely what remedy will suit you best.


This is a sign that your drywall was poorly installed. Cracks are a clear indication that you have a misplaced seam. These can be patched over, and we will be more than willing to. However, this will not sort out the underlying problem. These will usually appear when the seam is placed near a corner or door. This will eventually create a weak point. The issue can only be solved by replacing the affected area so that the stresses caused are more evenly spread. This kind of repair is always best left to the professionals at San Francisco Drywall Services.

Bumps And Bulges

These are 2 problems you do not want to experience as a drywall owner. These are usually caused by an excess amount of humidity or water damage caused by flooding or leaks. As mentioned above, water damage is usually accompanied by discoloration. However, if this is not present your bulge or bump is probably caused by untidy patchwork or your house settling. While this can be re-worked to an extent, in our experience it is best to replace the panel. Our experts have just the solution to ensure your drywall looks its best again in no time.

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